Call From Disability Rights Hawaii: “Make Your Voice Be Heard!”

This is an unusual email from Disability Rights Hawaii, to give you a special chance to influence your County. The deadline is August 30 — the end of this month — to fill out and submit the Impact Status Surveys. Here is why these are both important and accessible for you to submit.

Although the Surveys are being described as mostly relevant for people who were affected by the recent eruptions, the topics actually affect everyone, and any County concerns can be addressed. The one labelled “Household Impact” is the survey mostly for people directly affected by the eruption. The one called “Business Impact” is for business owners. We recommend you fill out the one labelled “Community Impact.” (Community — that’s us.)

Here’s the complication: Problems of accessibility for people with disability are mentioned nowhere in the survey. But we all know that a lot of problems still exist in the community for people with disabilities — lack of accessible affordable housing, lack of police enforcement of the law against violating accessible parking spaces, and so on. The GOOD news: there are dozens of “Comments” sections that you can use to describe your problems and how County agencies could help solve them. (At least to recognize the problems!)

Hard copies of the surveys are available at the County Building. Online versions are accessible at

We have been assured that these surveys will be taken seriously by County representatives for the completion of our 10-year plan. If you know of problems that you think the County might need to hear about — TELL THEM!

This message is from Disability Rights Hawaii. Ordinarily we only use email to inform you about our bimonthly meetings, but this topic is so important the DRH Board of Directors decided we needed to let you know.

Make your voice heard.

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